Tools For Life, the TINT podcast

Room For Peace, with Rachelle van Andel (TINT)

April 11, 2022 TINT Eindhoven Season 1 Episode 20
Tools For Life, the TINT podcast
Room For Peace, with Rachelle van Andel (TINT)
Show Notes

Today, TINT Event Organiser, Ana Pereira is talking with Rachelle van Andel about a new initiative at TU/e called the Room for Peace

Rachelle is a life coach at TINT, a student chaplain in Maastricht and a remonstrant minister. She is a skilled counsellor and a passionate creator of safe places where people can be themselves and share their life stories and emotions.
More information and contacts on the TINT Website.

In this episode, Rachelle shares her inspiration for the creation of the Room for Peace to provide support to students affected by the Ukrainian war.
More information about TU/e support at the University website.

Also, she shared her insights on how to navigate these challenging times, how to find inner peace and how this new space of TU/e can become more permanent, more representative of the different facets of peace and more student-led space.
If you would like to organise any peace-related activity, please contact FISO or TINT

Enjoy this episode full of inspiring reflections. 


Show Notes:

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