Tools For Life, the TINT podcast

Summer Inspiration, with TINT Team

July 09, 2021 TINT Eindhoven Season 1 Episode 13
Tools For Life, the TINT podcast
Summer Inspiration, with TINT Team
Show Notes

The TINT Team got together to share with you some tips & tricks to make your summer break fantastic!

In this episode, you can listen to the suggestions from Nuriye, Arantja, Margit & Ana that can range from ideas to do outside in nature, volunteering, starting mindfulness, making a wish list, among many others.  

Enjoy this episode full of inspiring recommendations. 

Show Notes:

  • Nuriye: Read the Blog post & Listen to the Guided Meditation series of this podcast.
  • Arantja:  Look for extracurricular opportunities at TU/e XTRA and volunteering opportunities in Eindhoven at Maatje040 or in the app Jijdoen040
  • Margit: Interesting Book for summer - ‘The things you can only see when you slow down' by Haemin Suni
  • Ana: An old but good video for inspiration - ‘Sunscreen’ - and a favourite outdoor activity - Geocaching

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