Tools For Life, the TINT podcast

Lessons about love, with Inge van de Vorst & Margit van Tuijl

October 01, 2021 TINT Eindhoven Season 1 Episode 15
Tools For Life, the TINT podcast
Lessons about love, with Inge van de Vorst & Margit van Tuijl
Show Notes

Tools For Life, around love and love relationships. Weather you're in one now, or aren't, it's an inspiring episode for all!

Today, TINT Event Organizer Nuriye is talking with Inge van de Vorst and Margit van Tuijl about love and love relationships.  Inge has a practice in relational coaching, is the founder of the Love Doctor in Eindhoven, and is a teacher at the Fontys in the field of applied psychology. She has a passion for relationships and love in all forms.
Margit is the resident life coach at TINT and she loves to help young people to find their own strengths and sources of happiness that can guide them to their dreams. More information and contacts are on the TINT Website. Enjoy this episode full of great insights and pieces of advice.

Show Notes:

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
- Luvvie Ajayi Jones
Find her TED talk here.

Everyone should cultivate a secret garden  - Esther Perel
Find her website here.

I choose courage over comfort - Brené Brown
Find her blog about this topic here.

I never promised you a rose garden - Dolly Parton & Lynn Anderson
Find the song here.

Be yourself, there are already so many others - Loesje
Find more Loesje quotes here.

You need to stand on your own feet, but you don’t need to do it alone - Sue Johnson
Find more info about her and emotionally focused therapy here

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